PAPillow Mini Edge with Case

PAPillow Mini Edge with Case PAPillow Mini Edge with Case

PAPillow Mini Edge with Case

This pillow helps avoid the uncomfortable pressure points caused by equipment being pushed on the face.  It offers a good night sleep without the leaks and discomfort caused by standard pillows.

Part Number: 90001

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Manufacturer: Talk About Sleep

Content of Package: PAPillow Mini Edge case


Mask issues are one reason why so many patients fail on CPAP therapy. As the head sinks down in to a standard bed pillow, it can push the mask off center and cause leak.

Oral and Dental Appliance Users
The PAPillow design features lateral support of the mandible and temple, and prevents excessive pressure over the maxilla and anterior mandible, which makes it suitable for patients wearing oral appliances and orthodontics without the potential buccal mucosal irritation from excessive pressure.

Pressure point soreness often occurs when the mask frame or headgear are uncomfortably forced into the side of the face. Blocked mask exhalation ports can cause dangerous carbon dioxide levels within the mask.

The PAPillow™ Difference:
Designed by CPAP users, for CPAP users, this unique and patented pillow features a quilted side panel that creates a distinct edge allowing the mask to extend beyond.

"Sleep on the edge" to reduce or eliminate the common compliance problem of mask leak and pressure point soreness. For side or stomach sleepers.

Features & Benefits

Sturdy construction, high quality interlock-knit
Proper support for neck and head
Accommodates both left or right side sleeping
Comfortable, hypoallergenic synthetic down fill
Quilted side panel prevents edge collapse
Machine washable, cool dryer safe
Fitted pillow case included

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain sufferers
People who suffer with chronic pain often have great difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. PAPillow is a comfortable pillow found to offer support to promote restorative sleep.

Positional Sleep
You may have been asked to sleep in a particular position by your physician for a variety of reasons including post surgery recovery. You may have been asked to cease sleeping on your back. Old habits are hard to break but using PAPillow will provide comfort for lateral or prone sleeping. Since PAPillow was not designed for, nor is comfortable for sleeping in the supine position, PAPillow should help you break the habit with ease.

Many women are asked to side sleep after the 13th week of pregnancy. PAPillow provides the lateral support needed to assure comfortable and restorative sleep. Often, women experience sleep apnea during pregnancy; therefore this pillow also assists and provides benefit from compromising nasal or oral breathing.

Lap Support Pillow for infant feeding
After your baby is born, use the Double Edge PAPillow on the lap with bottom curve facing your waist. When breast or bottle feeding, this pillow provides comfortable support for baby as well as a resting place for mothers arms. Dad, grandparents and other infant caregivers will appreciate the use of the PAPillow when bottle feeding or just when cradling and rocking the infant.

EasyCare™ Double Edge PAPillow
The same great pillow with a new easy care, medical grade, fluid proof shell for use by in the home, hospital, nursing home or Sleep Lab. Uses the same soft knit pillow case, included with purchase.

When disinfection is necessary between patient use
To assist with valid CPAP titration in the hospital sleep lab setting
For home use with patients who experience drooling or wish to disinfect shell
For ease when used in lap for baby support while breast or bottle feeding

Product Skus: 90001

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