What is C-Flex on the Respironics CPAP Machine?


In the new line of CPAP Machines, Respironics has released C-Flex technology that strives to make treating Sleep Apnea as comfortable as possible through CPAP therapy.  It reduces pressure when the patient begins exhalation and returns to the prescribed pressure just before inhalation.  The amount of pressure change depends on the patient’s breathing patterns and the machine intelligently adapts to each user individually. 



What is A-Flex?

A-Flex improves on the original C-Flex CPAP technology by analyzing the entire breathing cycle and changing pressure accordingly, as opposed to just the inhalation and exhalation phases of sleep therapy.  This technology is specific to Auto CPAP Machines and does not default back to one any one preset pressure.



What is Bi-Flex?

Bi-Flex works similar to C-Flex as it intends to make inhalation and exhalation more comfortable and less disruptive, making BiPAP therapy more like natural breathing.  Bi-Flex relieves pressure during three parts of the breathing cycle: exhalation to inhalation, inhalation to exhalation, and during exhalation. 



What is C-Flex+? 

C-Flex+ is Respironics’ newest enhancement to the C-Flex CPAP therapy.  It blends the features of the original C-Flex technology and the auto machine’s A-Flex technology to soften the breathing transition between breaths.  This type of technology is found on fixed pressure CPAP Machines and is not available on Auto machines or BiPAP machines. 



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