Heated CPAP Humidifier vs. Passover Humidifier


There are two different types of CPAP humidifiers, Passover and Heated.  Some machines are only compatible with one or the other, and that compatibility will be denoted on the machine’s respective page.  Lately, the trend has been moving to heated humidifiers as the industry standard, but there still are Passover humidifiers available for sale.  Many machines ship with built in humidifiers so the patient does not have to order them separately.  Below are descriptions of each type of humidifiers.



Heated Humidifiers

These units have a built-in heater that raises the temperature of the air being carried between the CPAP machine and the mask.  Breathing in cold air can be discomforting and cause a sore throat.  Most machines on the market today use a heated humidifier, as they tend to provide comfortable breathing conditions for patients treating Sleep Apnea.  The downside of this type of device is that the heat tends to cause rainout, which can disrupt CPAP therapy.  Rainout is an easy problem to fix with the use of a special type of tubing or hose cover.



Passover Humidifiers 

The Passover units are named as such because the air literally “passes over” the water in the humidifier on its journey from the machine to the mask.  It wicks the moisture and similar to a heated humidifier, makes the air easier to breath and is less irritating to the throat.  Since the air is not heated, rainout does not occur and there is no build up of water in the CPAP mask or tubing. 


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