How can I make my CPAP therapy more comfortable?


Many patients new to Sleep Apnea therapy often wonder how long it will be before they completely adjust to their new CPAP equipment.  Many users that do end up abandoning treatment do so in the first few weeks after starting.  Most patients respond that it usually takes between two weeks and a month to become completely acclimated with the therapy.  After all, it is a large change to become accustomed to, even with the positive effects on restfulness and sleep.  Below are some helpful tips that patients have reported to help them become adjusted their new CPAP mask and machine setup. 


  • Due to the fact that masks are non-returnable if opened, determining which mask is best for you can be tricky.  However, experimenting with different styles of masks often helps the user find the best fit and sleep style.
  • The discomfort could be coming from the machine itself.  Although sleep studies generally prescribe the correct settings during the first sleep test, some users find more comfort using an APAP machine, also known as an Auto machine.  Consult your sleep doctor if you find that the air pressure seems too high or too low. 
  • Silicone vs. Gel masks: some users prefer one type of material over the other in regard to the mask cushion that rests against their face.   
  • Several helpful devices are designed to hold the hose above the bed, allowing you to sleep without becoming tangled in the hose.


These tips may not work for everyone, but are just some of the various ideas we have gathered through years of customer service and interaction with patients.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or call us at (888) 598-8515.