Nasal vs. Dilator Pillows


The Covidien Breeze Sleepgear and the ADAM Circuit are some of the most popular CPAP masks on the market, yet they have components that tend to confuse some CPAP users.  Specifically, there are different types and sizes of “pillows” that rest against the nose during Sleep Apnea therapy that are made with a soft silicone material.  The two specific types of pillows are nasal pillows and dilator pillows.  Each is equally effective in treating Sleep Apnea, but it is up to the patient to determine the best fit and comfort. 


Nasal Pillows

There are four different sizes of nasal pillows, ranging from small through extra-large.  The cone on these pillows tends to be shallower, and does not penetrate as far into the nasal cavity as its dilator counterpart.  Nasal pillows are shipped free with the purchase of a Covidien Breeze Sleepgear. 


Dilator Pillows

Dilator pillows are designed differently than their nasal pillow counterparts as the cone reaches deeper into nostrils to secure a quality fit.  The advantage of this type of pillow is that CPAP users tend to have a better seal, but not all users find the design comfortable and decide to stay with nasal pillows. 


There are seven sizes across the two types of pillows:


Small - Blue

Medium - Clear

Large - Green

Extra Large - Lavender

Small Dilator - Yellow

Medium Dilator - White

Large Dilator - Grey


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