CPAP Tubing Rainout


Rainout occurs when using a built-in heated humidifier in conjunction with your CPAP therapy.  Due to the temperature differences between the inside of the tubing and the external room temperature, condensation will gather on the inside walls of the tubing.  As a result, water will be delivered to the CPAP mask, causing problems that may wake the patient during the night and reducing the effectiveness of CPAP therapy. 


Heated Tubing

There are two options to prevent rainout and maintain effectiveness while treating Sleep Apnea.  The first is to use heated tubing.  Heated tubing is specifically engineered to prevent rainout and regulate the difference of the temperature between the room and the air inside of the tube.  Resmed and Fisher & Paykel manufacture heated tubing that can only be used with their CPAP machines, while Plastiflex Healthcare has created a universal heated tubing that works with all machines. 


CPAP Tube Covers

The second option is to purchase a CPAP hose cover that fits snugly over the tubing.  While not as effective as the heated tubing, this option is significantly less expensive and still helps to reduce moisture buildup in the tube.  The hose covers are easy to attach to the CPAP tubing and increase the tubing comfort since the material is hand-woven and soft to the touch.  CPAP Wholesale offers a variety of tubing covers which are viewable in the Tubing Comfort portion of the website. 


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