CPAP HCPCS Codes for Insurance 2013

At CPAP Wholesale, we try to work with most insurance providers to allow our patients with insurance to receive reimbursement for their eligible purchases. You can also file the claim yourself if you decide not to use CPAP Wholesale's service to file for insurance.  Every insurance provider is different and may not accept HCPCS codes for CPAP related equipment.  We have provided a list of HCPCS codes below.  It is important to note that not all CPAP equipment is eligible for insurance reimbursement. 


Code                        Product      

E0601                              CPAP Machine                                    
A7034                              CPAP nasal mask
A7032                              CPAP nasal mask cushion
A7030                              CPAP Full Face mask
A7031                              CPAP Full Face mask cushion
A7044                              CPAP Full Oral Interface
A7046                              CPAP Humidifier Chamber
A7037                              CPAP tubing, long and short hoses
A7038                              CPAP disposable filter
A7039                              CPAP foam filter
A7035                              CPAP headgear
A7033                              CPAP replacement nasal pillows
A7036                              CPAP chinstrap
E0561                              CPAP Passover Humidifier
E0562                              CPAP Heated Humidifier
E0470                              BiPAP Machine
E0471                              BiPAP-ST
A4604                              Integrated Heated CPAP Tube
K0553                              Oral/Nasal (Hybrid) Mask
K0554                              Oral Cushion for Hybrid Mask
K0555                              Nasal Cushion for Hybrid Mask


Physician Diagnosis Code

Insurance companies require that you provide a code associated with your specific medical diagnosis. The diagnosis code for Obstructive Sleep Apnea is 327.23. To ensure that you have the correct code for your diagnosis, contact your physician.


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