Care of CPAP Equipment



Daily: Using a clean cloth and a non-lanolin antibacterial soap, wipe the nasal mask both inside and outside.  Rinse well and allow to air dry.  Do not use rubbing alcohol on the CPAP mask. Medicare recommends replacing the entire CPAP mask every six months.


CPAP Nasal Pillows

Daily: Wash thoroughly in non-lanolin antibacterial soap.  Rinse well, allow to dry.  Medicare recommends replacing nasal pillows every six months.


CPAP Headgear

Weekly: In a sink, wash headgear in non-lanolin antibacterial soap and hang to dry.  When washing headgear, you may leave the mask attached.  If you wish to wash the headgear in he dryer, use the CPAP Wholesale Wash Bag.  If the CPAP headgear is freely placed in the dryer, there is a chance it will snag and unravel. 


CPAP Tubing

Weekly: Wash thoroughly in non-lanolin antibacterial soap.  Rinse well and hang to dry.  To disinfect completely, pour one half cup vinegar and one cup water into the hose and run through several times.  Again, rinse well.  To completely dispose of any bacteria, purchase the CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush and use daily.  Medicare recommends replacing the CPAP Tubing every one to three months. 


CPAP Humidifiers

Daily: Empty your humidifier water each morning and leave it open all day to air dry.  Fill it up each evening with sterile distilled water only. 


Weekly: If using the heated humidifier, remove water chamber, empty, and refill with half part white household vinegar and half part water.  Leave this solution in the chamber for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Empty and allow to air dry before reuse.  


CPAP Filters

Weekly: If you are using a CPAP unit with a black sponge filter, this must be removed and washed in warm soapy water, then rinsed until no soap appears.  Dry thoroughly before replacing into the CPAP Machine.  


Monthly: If you are using a disposable filter, you can safely throw it out regularly and replace it on a monthly basis.