CPAP Filters


CPAP filters are an important part of CPAP therapy.  They ensure that the air you receive through the mask and tubing is clean and filtered so as to provide the best treatment possible for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  There are a few different types of filters available as described below.  Each is equally safe and it is up to the patient to determine the best fit. 


Ultra Fine Filters

Ultra fine filters, or sometimes referred to as, “disposable” are typically thin, white filters that are discarded after a period of use.  Doctors generally recommend changing the filter every month and they come in packs of six.  Ultra fine filters tend to offer a deeper level of filtration at the trade off of more frequent replacement. 


Reusable Foam Filters

Reusable foam filters, sometimes referred to as, “poly foam filters” are washable filters that can be used multiple times.  Once a filter begins to experience discoloration, the patient should wash the filter with soap and water.  Doctors suggest replacing the foam filter after five washes or deterioration occurs – whichever happens first.  


Standard CPAP Filters

Unique to the Resmed S9 line of CPAP Machines, the standard filter is a filter made of fibrous material that helps filter out large particles such as hair hand dander.  These come standard when purchasing any Resmed S9 CPAP machine. 


Hypo Allergenic Filters

Also unique to the Resmed S9 line of CPAP machines, this filter uses two different materials for two lines of defense.  One side is a designed to catch smaller particles, while the other helps filter out larger particles such as hair and dander.