CPAP Tubing

Tubing is one of the essential components to ensure the most effective CPAP therapy possible.  Your tubing connects from your CPAP machine to your mask frame, delivering pressurized air in a uniform way to decrease the occurrence of apneas.  Traditionally, tubing consisted of a simple plastic cylinder, which served its purpose well.  However, there are now numerous options and features in CPAP tubing to choose from depending on your climate and comfort preference.  CPAP Wholesale also carries other tubing parts and accessories to make your therapy as comfortable as possible.  Added personalization is key for easy compliance and a greater experience with your therapy.  For a more detailed description of CPAP tubing and the types of tubing we offer, take a look at the bottom of this page.

Tubing Selection


Tubing is an essential part of your CPAP therapy.  It is the connection between your mask and your machine, ensuring your pressurized air is delivered throughout the night.  While standard tubing is available, there are also more advanced options like heated tubes or climate controlled tubes that can sense your environment, adjust therapy temperature and eliminate rainout for a comfortable experience.

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Connectors and Adapters Selection

Connectors and Adapters

Connectors and adapters are used along with your CPAP tubing to help you join together two lengths or tubing or use a prefered brand of tubing with your favorite machine.  They can help lengthen the lifespan of your CPAP tubing by eliminating tense connections between your tubing and machine, allowing the end caps to last longer.

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Types of Products for Sale



As stated above, your tubing is arguably one of the most essential items needed to ensure effective therapy.  While most tubing comes at the standard six foot length, you do have the option to add additional length if needed to stay comfortable.  Doctors recommend that tubing length stay below ten feet, however, as this much length can cause decreases or irregularities in pressure which can lead to less effective therapy.  There are now a number of innovated tubing designs that help you better customize your therapy to fit your personal preferences.  Be certain that the tubing option you’re taking under consideration is compatible with your machine, as some are designed specifically for one of a few machines.


Standard tubing is the industry norm, having fewer unique features than some of the newer counterparts.  Because there is no climate control option, standard tubing is recommended for areas with a relatively constant environment.  With smaller variations in temperature and humidity, the likelihood of moisture buildup is reduced allowing stable comfort throughout the night.  Often, the use of a tube jacket is enough to insulate standard tubing from any temperature differences outside.


Climate controlled tubing is one of the newest types of tubing, going by a slightly different name depending on the manufacturer.  In a nutshell, all climate controlled tubing helps to better control the temperature and humidity of your therapy air, insulating it completely from the outside environment.  Coiled copper wires on the outside border help keep the air heated when passing to your mask, but are able to shut off automatically to prevent overheating.  Many climate controlled tubes are able to sense your environment, adjusting temperature and humidity accordingly to keep at a comfortable level.  Because of their higher functions, climate controlled tubing is recommended for less stable environments or very dry environments, as it can better adjust to changing settings.


Connectors and Adapters

Connectors and adapters are products that help to greater customize your CPAP experience, changing your tubing to suit your own personal preferences.  While connectors help to attach multiple lengths of tubing if needed, adapters ensure a proper connection between your machine and tubing.  Adapters are best used if your favorite tubing is a different type than what came originally with your machine, as a less than perfect fit can cause potential pressure leaks. The many options help you to better personalize your CPAP therapy.      


By Roberta Baron