CPAP Masks

CPAP Masks are the most intimate part of the CPAP experience, since it comes into direct contact with the patient’s face.  This medical device comes in various forms including full face CPAP masks, nasal CPAP masks, and nasal pillow CPAP masks.  Each user will have different preferences when it comes to the CPAP mask and most customers try out several masks before finding the ideal fit.  In addition to the different mask styles, some masks offer different styles of cushions: silicone, gel, or cloth.  Some patients prefer one material over the other, but there isn’t a real therapy advantage and you should choose the most comfortable choice for your needs.  It is recommended that you replace your mask every six months to avoid cushion deterioration and maintain optimal therapy.

Nasal Masks Selection

Nasal Masks

The most common type of mask that is selected by patients is the nasal mask.  Nasal masks cover your nose and are triangular in shape.  A nasal mask sits on your upper lip and conceals the bridge of the nose.  Nasal masks come in silicone, cloth, or gel.  Customers are continuously pleased with nasal masks which is what keeps them as the most common CPAP mask.

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Full Face Masks Selection

Full Face Masks

For those that switch off between nose and mouth breathing throughout the night a full face mask is your best option.  Full face masks conceal the nose and mouth and are either triangular or ovular in shape.  Full face masks are offered in gel or silicone.  If what you desire is more coverage than a full face mask is your best option.  

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Nasal Pillow Masks Selection

Nasal Pillow Masks

The smallest mask available is the nasal pillow mask.  Only the base of the nose is covered by the nasal pillow mask.  This small coverage is what is gaining the nasal pillow mask popularity among users.  This mask is available exclusively in a comfortable gel cushion.  For those who desire a mask with a streamlined design and minimal coverage the nasal pillow mask works best.  

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Oral Masks Selection

Oral Masks

Oral masks cover only your mouth.  This type of mask seals itself in between the inner and outer lip.  Heater humidifiers work best with oral CPAP masks in order to prevent dryness therefore creating more comfort.  For those who breathe only through their mouth during sleep will probably find oral masks the best fit for them.  

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Pediatric Masks Selection

Pediatric Masks

Pediatric masks fit children and those with petite faces best.  These masks are offered in models ranging from ful face coverage to primarily nose coverage.  Pediatric CPAP masks are offered in a variety of styles and are easy for your child to adjust so they can sleep in comfort.

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Mask Kits Selection

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Mask Parts Selection

Mask Parts

There is a large variety of parts that can improve your sleep apnea therapy experience.  All CPAP masks are offered parts that can allow for your mask to have a more customized fit.  These products range from simply added cushioning to much more.  In order to benefit the most from your CPAP mask it is recommended that you browse the mask parts so that you can keep your sleep apnea therapy working smoothly.

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Nasal CPAP Masks


This type of mask is best for those who breathe only through their nose.  They tend to be somewhat smaller than the full face mask counterpart since there is less facial surface to cover.  Alternatively, you can use the nasal CPAP mask in conjunction with a chin strap that holds your mouth closed during the night, routing the air through your nose instead of the mouth.  This type of mask is by far the most popular option since patients tend to like the low-profile design and wide variety of options offered.

Full Face CPAP Masks


Full face CPAP masks are designed for patients who tend to breath through their mouths.  The mask covers a larger area, encompassing both the nose and the mouth.  Many patients who choose this option do so because they feel that they can breath more freely and are not restricted to just breathing through the nose.  These masks tend to be slightly more expensive due to their versatility, but patients who order full face masks once tend to continue to reorder them.  

Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks


Known for the two micro cushions that rest up against the nose, this mask maintains the lowest profile of any of the CPAP mask options.  The air is delivered directly into the nostrils, allowing you to continue wearing glasses, talk, or take a sip of water without having to remove the nasal pillow CPAP mask.  These are small and light-weight, and similar to the nasal masks, are completely compatible with chinstraps.  



Oral CPAP Masks


This type of mask is unique in that the air does not pass through your nose, but directly through the mouth.  Popular amongst mouth breathers, it circumvents the requirement for a chinstrap and creates a seal between the outer and inner lip.  Many patients who wear glasses often enjoy wearing this mask since there is no obstruction of the upper face.  If you do decide to use an oral CPAP mask, you might consider using nasal plugs to avoid any air pressure leaking through the nose and decreasing the effectiveness of the CPAP therapy.  

CPAP Pediatric Masks


While it may seem surprising, many children have Obstructive Sleep Apnea since it can be passed on genetically.  In addition to regular, adult sized CPAP masks, CPAP Wholesale provides smaller, pediatric CPAP masks to ensure that all segments of the population can achieve a quality night’s sleep.  In this section, you will find many of popular masks that many users enjoy, but in a smaller size to fit a child’s frame.  Additionally, adults with a petite facial structure typically benefit from this type of mask since it provides a better seal which is important in CPAP therapy.  

CPAP Mask Parts

A CPAP mask is comprised of many parts, and through wear and general use, these parts can break.  There are replacement CPAP mask parts for all parts of the mask including cushions, forehead pads, frames, and nasal pillows.  Each mask and manufacturer will have different types of mask parts, with some interchangeability.  

By Roberta Baron