CPAP Mask Stand

CPAP Mask Stand CPAP Mask Stand CPAP Mask Stand

CPAP Mask Stand

The AG Industries CPAP Mask Stand is a highly anticipated accessory that allows for easy mask storage when the mask is not in use.  Designed to fit all CPAP mask types, the stand allows for convenient bed-side use, displaying your mask like a trophy.  

Part Number: AG-CLN-STAND

This product has been discontinued.

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Weighing less than 4oz and standing only 10 inches tall, the AG Industries CPAP Mask Stand offers mask storage convenience while occupying minimal space.  The mask hangs from the adjustable arms and is displayed like a trophy.  The wide base ensures that the mask won't fall over and maintains a low center of gravity.  The design allows for convenient air flow to dry to the mask after washing and hygiene upkeep. 

*Mask stand does not include CPAP Mask


Product Skus: AG-CLN-STAND

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