CPAP Hose Holder

CPAP Hose Holder

CPAP Hose Holder

This hose holder helps keep your tubing up and out of your way by swinging and moving with you as you sleep.

Part Number: CSM101

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Manufacturer: Bro-Gho

Content of Package: CPAP Hose Holder

Description: CPAP Machines can leave you tangled in hoses while you sleep. The CPAP Hose Holder can keep your airway hose up and out of your way. Don't let sleep apnea treatment or other sleep disorders leave you tangled and sleepless. Can be positioned either on the side of the bed or the head of the bed. It swings with you so you do not get "tugged" in the middle of the night. Also, you can hang your mask on it so it never gets broken.

Product Skus: CSM101


This hose holder works great its very sturdy, and it keeps the tubing out of my way when I'm sleeping!

- Carmen C.

Submitted on July 24, 2015

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