CPAP Bedside Holder

CPAP Bedside Holder CPAP Bedside Holder

CPAP Bedside Holder

This CPAP holder gives you a place to put your machine while keeping your bedside table clutter free and optimizing tube length.

Part Number: CP2000

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Manufacturer: JMark Unlimited (click for more info)

Content of Package: CPAP Holder

Description: This CPAP Holder allows you to save space on your nightstand by holding your machine in the space between your nightstand and bed.  Using it will keep your nightstand clutter free and more open for other personal items, and because the machine is closer to you, your tubing has a greater length and will be less intrusive and more able to move. 

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Product Skus: CP2000


Your CPAP machine will rest securely in the CPAP Holder plastic tray, held in place by a velcro strap. If any water leaks from the machine, should generally be caught inside the tray, protecting your floors and furniture from damage. Removing the machine for maintenance and cleaning is as easy as undoing the strap and lifting the machine out of the tray. No modifications to your bed or bed frame are necessary.

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