CPAP Accessories

This section includes products that can improve your experience with CPAP therapy equipment. They can help you better understand sleep apnea and be more relaxed while at home or on the road (or off the road). Please go to the bottom of the page or click here for more information regarding these products.

Manometers Selection


Manometers are devices that measure the pressure your machine is delivering in your therapy.  While they were once only used by physicians to set pressure initially, you can now use them at home to ensure your machine is functioning properly and delivering therapy as it should be.  

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Power Solutions Selection

Power Solutions

Power solutions have been transformed in recent years, meaning you have a power option to run your CPAP machine virtually anywhere you go.  From battery packs to car adapters, or simply a traditional replacement power cord, you can bring your machine out into the wilderness or on that fishing trip you’ve been planning.  Our power solutions are sure to keep you on the go.

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Software Selection


Software is a key component of many CPAP machines on the market today.  Products like USB ports, software kits, and SD-card readers help you transfer therapy data from your machine to your computer, where you can store them.  This data can be reviewed along with your doctor at a later date to ensure your prescribed parameters are working as well as they possibly can be.

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Travel Selection


Travel CPAP supplies help you take your machine, mask and all of your CPAP accessories with you on the go.  Many handy carrying cases comfortably fit your CPAP equipment, along with additional products, and feature a discrete design.  Stay organized while on the go with these helpful travel supplies so you can spend less time worrying about therapy and more time enjoying your travels!

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These products are provided to improve the comfort of you and your partner, give more information regarding Sleep Apnea, and expand the travel capacity of your CPAP therapy equipment. Battery packs and sine wave inverters allow you to run your CPAP machine using battery power and charge the battery packs with your car battery. The inverters also make it possible to recharge mobile devices such as smart phones, laptops, and iPods using a car battery or CPAP battery pack. Put all of that in a travel pack that fits in your suitcase and taking your CPAP therapy equipment with you is surprisingly easy. While at home, products such as hose lifts, multi-mask sleep aids, gel pads, hose covers, manometers, and bacteria filters maintain optimal performance of your equipment and optimal comfort and health for you. The CPAP bedding clip and EZ Talk Valve also allow you to experience comfort and convenience during CPAP therapy. Furthermore, ear plugs, sleep masks, and specialty CPAP pillows can help you and your partner have an entire night of deep sleep while informational books can help you understand and live with Sleep Apnea.

By Roberta Baron