Cleaning and Care

From masks to tubing, this section includes all of the cleaning and care supplies you will need to keep your CPAP equipment in like-new condition. Please scroll to the bottom of the page or click here for additional information regarding our cleaning and care products.

Aromatherapy Selection


Aromatherapy products can help you relax and unwind to experience a deeper and more restful sleep.  Our products come in different scents like French Vanilla, Peach, and Spice, and we are sure to have just the scent that calms you best.  Our aromatherapy products are sure to have you feeling cool and collected.

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Cleaning Selection


Cleaning your CPAP equipment is a great way to ensure a comfortable and healthy CPAP environment, as well as extend the life of your supplies.  From smaller products like mask wipes to more larger purchases like total equipment cleaning systems, we are sure to have the product for you to do as much to little work as you please.

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Mask Comfort Selection

Mask Comfort

Mask comfort is an important part of therapy, as it can create an easier transition into your CPAP therapy.  Products like mask cushions and liners help to better cushion your mask to eliminate any pressure points, while products like soft wraps can create a cozier feel on your mask by reducting the amount of plastic material touching the face.

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Mask Liners Selection

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Personal Comfort Selection

Personal Comfort

Personal comfort is many people's number one priority during therapy, as it is a huge factor in sleeping soundly.  Whether it be a soft new pillow to help you dream easily or a mask or earplugs to eliminate any disturbances, our personal comfort section is sure to help you and your partner feel as rested as possible.

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Tubing Comfort Selection

Tubing Comfort

Tubing comfort is focused on eliminating and irritation caused by your hose during CPAP therapy.  Products like tube jackets help to keep your tubing warm to eliminate rainout, while products like hose clips and holders help eliminate annoying tugging from your tubing during the night.  Our tubing comfort section is sure to have you sleeping soundly with the click of a button!

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Cleaning and care supplies keep your CPAP therapy equipment clean and keep you and your airways happy and healthy. When it comes to your CPAP mask, do not clean it with soap that contains antibiotics, lotion, or lanolin because those substances can break down or coat the mask cushion, weakening the mask’s seal and shortening its lifespan. Specialized mask wipes or sprays are easy to use, safe, and convenient for daily cleansing. Mask liners and nasal cushions are also available both to preserve the cleanliness and lifespan of your mask and to make it more comfortable to wear. If you find your face is drying out from your mask, try using skin moisturizer. Along with caring for your CPAP mask, the tubing that connects all of your CPAP equipment should also be cleaned. Long reaching tube brushes make this an easy task. If you do not want or have the time to wait for you equipment to air dry, using a dryer can quickly dry a full set of CPAP equipment. All of the cleaning and care products can make caring for your CPAP equipment easy and keep you healthy and happy.

By Roberta Baron