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Our selection of cleaning supplies includes everything from tube brushes to wash bags. All of these products help to keep each piece of your CPAP therapy equipment clean, so they work like new and keep you healthy. Buildup on your mask cushion can sacrifice a good seal while accumulation in your tube or humidifier chamber can lead to illness via inhalation. Frequent cleaning can prevent harmful bacteria and particles from building up on or in your equipment. Let these cleaning supplies help you to receive the healthy, beneficial CPAP therapy you deserve.

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CPAP Supplies Plus

CPAP Accessories Washbag

The CPAP Accessories Wash bag is a safe and effective way to care for all your CPAP accessories. Safely washes items without snagging, twisting, or stretching.

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CPAP Group Mask Wipes

These wipes are odor free and help reduce bacterial growth using a latex and alcohol free formula that isn't harsh on the skin. 

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CPAP Supplies Plus Mask Cleanser

This mask cleanser helps to eliminate any unwanted residue from your mask cushion and frame without harming its components.



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A World Of Wipes

Unscented Professional CPAP Mask Wipes

These unscented wipes are alcohol and latex free, and provide an effective clean while being gentle on the hands and face.



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AG Industries

AG Industries Bacteria Filter

This disposable bacteria filter attaches between your CPAP machine and your CPAP tubing to provide post-machine bacteria filtering.



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AG Industries CPAP Tube Cleaning System

The new tube cleaning system from AG provides an all in one solution for maintaining healthy CPAP tubing! 


Citrus II

Citrus II CPAP Concentrated Cleanser

The Citrus II CPAP Concentrated Cleanser will help remove built up oils and other organic residue from your hoses, tubing, and other accessories.



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Citrus II CPAP Mask Spray - 8oz

Citrus II CPAP Mask Spray is a natural way to remove natural oils and other organic material from your CPAP mask and other  components.



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Citrus II Mask Wipes (62 Wipes)

The Citrus II Mask Wipes use a unique combination of gentle ingredients that can help remove natural build up on your CPAP components without drying out or cracking them.


Monaco Products

The CPAP Tube Brush New & Improved

 This newly designed tube brush now features a stainless steel wire to ensure a longer lifespan and added power.



RespiClean Mask Cleaner, 8 oz bottle

This cleaner uses no formaldehyde, alcohol, or vinegar and leaves equipment fresh for use.



Siestamed Hurricane CPAP Equipment Dryer

The Hurricane CPAP Equipment Dryer is the perfect product to air dry your equipment.  For home or lab use, this dryer contains three time settings and never exceeds 121 degrees to not damage equipment.



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Better Rest Solutions SoClean 2 CPAP Sanitizing Machine

The SoClean 2 CPAP Sanitizing machine uses acrivated oxygen to keep your equipment germ free and running smoothly.


SoClean 2 Neutralizing Pre-Wash 8 oz

This neutralizing prewash can be used to hand wash your CPAP equipment before you hook it up to your SoClean machine. 


SoClean® 2 Go CPAP Sanitizer

The SoClean 2 Go CPAP Sanitizer features a wire-free design capable of cleaning many types of equipment, making it perfect for those on the go.


Better Rest Solutions SoClean CPAP Machine Sanitizer

Through the use of activated oxygen, the SoClean Unit can sanitize your CPAP machine daily with nearly no effort on your part.

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