Breas iSleep 20 CPAP Machine

Breas iSleep 20 CPAP Machine

Breas iSleep 20 CPAP Machine

The iSleep 20 is a low noise CPAP machine with a stable, upright design. It includes altitude compensation, tracks your therapy with AHI, and offers an optional integrated heated humidifier.

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Manufacturer: BREAS

Content of Package: CPAP Machine, 8' Power Cord, Initial Filters, Travel Bag, 6' CPAP tubing, Instructions.

Description: The iSleep 20 CPAP machine features a stable design that is sure to stay in place on your bedside table, ensuring no falls that can result in costly damage for you.  Designed for comfort, this machine has a handy 'snooze' function that allows you to take a small pauses from therapy without the need to shut down your whole machine.  It is capable of tracking your therapy for later review with your doctor, ensuring your pressure settings are working their best.  The rear tubing connection to the machine helps secure it while providing a greater range of movement to eliminate annoying tugging.  The optional integrated heated humidifier requires no additional cords or space, eliminating upper airway dryness and providing a comfortable CPAP experience.  


Product Brochure

Product Skus: 2051199-739, 2051199-739H

Devices mode Clinical & Home
CPAP 4 to 20 cmH20
Integrated Humidifier 1 to 9
AHI Apnea/Hypopnea index
Maximum flow

> 125 liters/min

at 1/3 of max pressure: 90 l/min

at 2/3 of max pressure: 130 l/min

at max pressure: 160 l/min

Max limited pressure during single fault condition

30 cmH20

Breathing resistance under single fault condition

0.8 cmH2O at 30 l/min

2.8 cmH2O at 60 l/min

Digital output Yes
Sound level at 10 cmH20 Less than 30 dB(A)
Internal function failure Message on the display
Mains supply 100 to 240 V AC
External supply 24 V DC
Recommended leakage 20 to 40 l/min at 10 cmH2O
Minimum leakage 12 l/min at 4 cmH2O
WxHxD 6.8x6.8x7.9 in (with Humidifier)
Weight 2.9 lbs
Air Outlet 22 mm conical standard connector


I have cats. They broke my last machine by knocking it off of my table so I really needed a sturdier design. This machine definitely has it, but I command-stripped my machine to the end table just to be sure. Seriously though, this machine is great, I bought it with the humidifier and sleep very comfortably.

- Abby , Chicago, IL

Submitted on January 7, 2014

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