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PurSleep is a company that specializes in the use of natural aromatherapy to promote deep and restful sleep for those with sleep apnea. They carry products that promote comfort and relaxation while using CPAP therapy. Browse our selection of PurSleep products to see if they can help you relax and rest.

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Pur-Sleep Chinstraps

Pur-Sleep PAPCap Chinstrap

The PAPCap Chinstrap is a creative new chinstrap by PurSleep. This chinstrap is able to comfortably keep the mouth closed by redistributing the pressure around the entire head. A stiff but lightweight cotton material is used to achieve the necessary pressure.


Pur-Sleep Aromatherapy

Pur-Sleep Aromatic Refills

This soft, but persistent fragrance will help settle you for a restful sleep.  It is available in a variety of scents from bubblegum to spice.



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Pur-Sleep Basic Starter Pack

This starter kit is meant to help you grow accustomed to your CPAP equipment.  It uses soothing aromas to help calm you for a restful sleep.



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Pur-Sleep Diffusion Pads 10-Pack

These diffusion pads are meant for your aromatherapy oils.  They are washable and reusable and will help create a more calming CPAP experience.



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Pur-Sleep Metal Diffusion Tray

This diffuser tray holds one diffusion wafer to distribute your aromatherapy oils uniformly throughout the night.



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Pur-Sleep Mask Comfort

Pur-Sleep CozyPads CPAP Mask Strap Pads

These small, fleece sleeves slip over your headgear straps to provide a soft cushion that makes your mask much more comfortable.


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Pur-Sleep Tubing Comfort

Pur-Sleep CozyHose CPAP Hose Cover - 6ft

This hose cover is available in eight fun colors and can help give you a more comfortable CPAP experience by preventing the hard rubbing that your tubing can cause.

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