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CPAP Passover Humidifiers

Passover humidifiers make your CPAP therapy more comfortable and satisfying by adding moisture to the air. The moisture prevents your airways from becoming dry and sore. If you would like more information on CPAP Passover Humidifiers, click here or scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Respironics REMstar Passover Humidifier

The REMstar Passover Humidifier has been redesigned to work more integrally with REMstar CPAP systems, and now is easier to open and fill.



Somnetics Transcend H6B Humidification System

The Transcend H6B Humidification System provides waterless humidification at your bedside using heat moisture exchange technology.


Somnetics Transcend H9M Humidification System

The Transcend H6B Humidification System provides waterless humidification on your head using heat moisture exchange technology.


Puritan Bennett

GoodKnight 418 Universal Cold Passover Humidifier

This universal cold passover humidifier is compatible with all CPAP machines.  The humidifier water chamber attaches to your CPAP machine via a short tube which is included.  Your CPAP machine sits on top of this unit, so that the water chamber is underneath your CPAP machine.

*Parts Only*

Passover humidifiers are an additional feature, separate from the CPAP machine, that help people whose airways dry out or become irritated following CPAP therapy. These machines pass pressurized air from the CPAP machine over room temperature water to pick up moisture before delivering it into your system. They are compatible with most CPAP machines and connect between the machine and the mask with tubing. The level of humidity that the humidifier is able to produce is dependent on the temperature of the room as passover humidifiers have no temperature control. Therefore, these machines work well in areas with a warmer climate or in rooms that are heated. They also work well with CPAP machines that are set to a lower pressure. Only distilled water should be put in the water chamber to prevent mineral deposits from accumulating. The chamber should also be emptied every day after use and replaced every six months.

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