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CPAP Mask Comfort Supplies

Mask comfort products are meant to provide you with an extra layer of comfort around your face. Mask wraps fit around parts of the mask or headgear so that a soft fabric is touching your face rather than plastic or neoprene. Mask liners and nasal pads provide a softer touch to lessen irritation and an extra barrier against particle buildup on your mask. Let these products and more take your CPAP therapy to a more comfortable level.

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Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion - Blue

This soft, gel cushion helps anyone who finds their mask putting too much pressure on their nose.  This product offers padding and may even help prevent leaks.


AG Industries

AG Industries Boomerang Gel Pad

Used with your CPAP Mask, this gel pad provides a layer of comfort and stability to provide comfortable and effective sleep therapy.

$11.95 $24.95


Pur-Sleep CozyPads CPAP Mask Strap Pads

These small, fleece sleeves slip over your headgear straps to provide a soft cushion that makes your mask much more comfortable.



RemZzzs Padded Full Face CPAP Mask Liners (30-day Supply)

Full face CPAP mask liners are padded, disposable covers that fit over the cushion of your mask to provide a soft surface that reduces leakage, prevents irritation, and absorbs skin moisture and oils.


RemZzzs Padded Nasal CPAP Mask Liners (30-day Supply)

These nasal CPAP mask liners offer comfortable padding while preventing air leaks and irritating pressure marks.



SleepSense EZ-Talk Valve

This valve offers a switch that temporarily stops the flow of air to your mask, allowing you to get a drink of water without turning off your machine.



ResMed Gecko™ Nasal Pad

This gel nasal pad offers comfort and leak protection without the need for facial adhesives.


ResMed Swift™ FX and Swift™ FX for Her Nasal Pillow System CPAP Mask Replacement Soft Wraps

These soft wraps are for the Swift™ FX Nasal Pillow System.  Available in pink or grey, these wraps fit around your headgear to add greater comfort while you sleep.


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