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Manometers are devices used to measure pressure relative to atmospheric pressure. They are a useful accessory for the CPAP user because they give a direct readout of the pressure of air that a machine is emitting. This tool makes sure the machine, old or new, is delivering exactly the right pressure to maintain quality CPAP therapy.

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Drive Medical

Clip Style Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Dual View LCD

This Clip Style Oximeter measures blood oxygen concentration and pulse to ensure proper therapy function.

$29.95 $58.95


CareFusion 0 to 30 cm H2O Manometer

This easy to use manometer accurately measures CPAP and BiPAP pressures and has a pressure range of 0-30 cm H2O.



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CareFusion Handheld CPAP Manometer

This handheld manometer measures the pressure emitted from your CPAP machine with a range of 0-18 cm H2O. Great for traveling!



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