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CPAP Heated Humidifiers

Heated humidifiers are a very popular enhancement to CPAP therapy. They add moisture to the air so that it does not dry out your airways and cause irritation. Please scroll down or click here for more information regarding CPAP Heated Humidifiers.

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Apex Medical USA

Apex XT Heated Humidifier

Apex XT Heated Humidifier can be integrated with the Apex XT series CPAP systems. Has 6 heating levels, and a large reservoir capacity for 8 hours of sleep.



Respironics M-Series Heated Humidifier

The M-Series Heated Humidifier features an easy 5-turn dial that does not need to be reset after every use.  Its east-to-fill water chamber delivers continuous humidification.


Respironics PR System One 60 Series Humidifier

The PR System One 60 Series Humidifier can replace any humidifier for 60 Series Machines and helps to moisten the air you breathe so you wake up without dryness.


Respironics PR System One Heated Humidifier

The PR System One Heated Humidifier adjusts to a room's environment to provide a comfortable humidity and temperature.


Respironics REMstar Heated Humidifier

The REMstar Heated Humidifier plugs directly into the REMstar unit, avoiding the hassle of multiple cords.  Its two piece water chamber offers easy filling.


3B Medical Inc

3B RESmart™ Auto CPAP Humidifier

The RESmart heated humidifier attaches onto the front of the device using the same power supply as the machine. You can set the humidifier between 1 and 5 based on your desired therapy humidification level. The RESmart chamber is designed to negate the flow of water back into the machine from the humidifier lowering the chance of water damage to the machine.



Breas Humidifier for CPAP or BiPAP Systems

The HA 20 Heated Humidifier is an integrated heated humidifier that works with the Vivo 30/40 and iSleep machines. It requires no separate power cord and has an easy to remove water chamber.



DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Heated Humidifier

The IntelliPAP Heated Humidifier is universally compatible across all IntelliPAP machines and is designed to provide consistent, comfortable humidity throughout the entire night.



Somnetics Transcend H6B Humidification System

The Transcend H6B Humidification System provides waterless humidification at your bedside using heat moisture exchange technology.


Somnetics Transcend H9M Humidification System

The Transcend H6B Humidification System provides waterless humidification on your head using heat moisture exchange technology.


Transcend Heated Humidifier

The Transcend Heated Humidifier is compatible with any of your Transcend CPAP machines and features a unique, cradle design.

$140.00 $179.00


ResMed H4i™ Heated Humidifier

The H4i™ Heated Humidifier offers an easy fliptop lid to avoid the hassle and mess of water tubs, and is easy to clean by hand, or in the dishwasher.


ResMed S9™ Series H5i Humidifier

The H5i™ Humidifier is automatically detected by the S9 machine when it is connected. It is available with a standard or cleanable water tub.


Water Chamber for AirSense™ 10 Humidair™ Heated Humidifier

Water Chamber for AirSense™ 10 Humidair™ Heated Humidifier is a replacement chamber for the AirSense 10 line of machines by ResMed.


Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel HC150 Heated Humidifier

The HC150 Heated Humidifier has developed Ambient Tracker technology.  This allows automatic adjustment to night-time temperature changes to prevent condensation and its associated gurgling noise.



Carefusion PureSom Heated Humidifier

The PureSom Heated Humidifier for the PureSom CPAP machine regulates air humidity as well as combats respiratory dryness.

*Parts Only*


ResMed HumidAire 2i™ Heated Humidifier

The HumidAire 2i™ Heated Humidifier is a small and portable design powered by a flow generator, eliminating the need for another power cord.

*Parts Only*

Heated humidifiers are an optional enhancement to your CPAP regimen and are compatible with almost all CPAP machines. They work very well for people whose nasal passages or throat becomes irritated or uncomfortably dry following CPAP therapy. Heated humidifiers work by passing the pressurized air from the CPAP machine over warm water, where it collects moisture before traveling into your system. The level of humidity delivered is based on the heat setting. There are three types of heated humidifiers: built-in, integrated, and stand alone. Built in heated humidifiers are a permanent part of the machine while integrated humidifiers are a removable part of the machine. Integrated humidifiers are specific to and will only fit into certain CPAP machines. Stand alone heated humidifiers are completely separate from the CPAP machine and are universal- any humidifier will work with any capable CPAP machine. These are connected to the machine with a hose. To keep your humidifier clean, only use distilled water in the water chamber and empty the chamber after each use. This helps to prevent mineral deposits from accumulating. Water chambers should be replaced every six months.

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